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Extend Manufacturing Capacities

Access New Suppliers and Technologies

Monetize Unused Capabilities

A platform-enabled marketplace supporting the access to and monetization of unused manufacturing capacity, engineering and technology services and by-products

― Offer and Demand Matching

― Certifications Management and Reputation Mechanism

― RFQ & Transactions Management

― Blockchain infrastructure

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The MANUSQUARE project aims to deploy a European Platform-enabled marketplace fostering a dynamic establishment of value networks, enabling the matching of the availability and demand of manufacturing capacities and thus rendering an Industry’s optimal utilization of unused installed capacities, that would be otherwise remain unutilized.

Industrial Challenges

Market dynamics, in contrast to installed capacities, are by nature in continuous change and characterized by fluctuations, rendering as of the highest relevance to enable companies to dynamically allocate (and monetize) unused capacities, by-products and capabilities.


A platform-enabled marketplace, aggregating adequate tools, services and information resources, supporting the matching and establishment of business processes between those that are seeking for specific manufacturing capacities and those who have theirs available.

Benefits & Advantages

The access to a wider base of business opportunities, manufacturing capacities, knowledge and services, via the rapid and flexible establishment of supply networks, supported by an highly traceable and secure platform, that aims to exploit the available and unused potential.

Targeted Industrial use cases (examples)

Targeted Industrial use cases (examples)

Manufacturer of aeronautic mirrors transforms wasted by-products in a source of revenue while using MANUSQUARE platform for KET sourcing.

Desia SA is a company settled near Lion, in France, manufacturing high quality mirrors for…
Targeted Industrial use cases (examples)

Swiss machine tools company boosts its production by giving access to its manufacturing capacity through ManuSquare platform

An ISO certified machining shop located in Lugano, Switzerland, “Bernasconi metal-constructions SAGL” specializes in designing…
Targeted Industrial use cases (examples)

Company in the packaging sector finds its way to market success using MANUSQUARE as the platform for outsourcing of design and development of new machines components.

Intellipackaging is a polyurethane packaging company specialised in packaging protection solutions for both the consumer…
Targeted Industrial use cases (examples)

German start-up innovate bike sector launching a two-wheel-drive bike supported by MANUSQUARE from idea generation, to product prototyping and industrialization.

Hoffman Bicycles Gmbh is a company based out of Dusseldorf, founded in 2015 by Matt…

ManuSquare Platform

User Groups (and Needs)

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20th July 2021 in News

MANU-SQUARE final review concluded as a success in implementation

July 20th, was the date of the final review of the MANU-SQUARE project, gathering the project consortium and representatives of the European Commission to assess the implementations and work done…
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24th June 2021 in News

MANU-SQUARE final event was a success

Held last June 23rd, the MANU-SQUARE Final event was a sucess.
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14th June 2021 in News

MANU-SQUARE Project organizes final event to be held next June 23rd, online

Next June 23rd at 10:30 CET, the MANU-SQUARE consortium is organizing the MANU-SQUARE Project Final event, which will be held online. Learn from reputed speakers from Industrial and Innovation stakeholders…
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11th June 2021 in News

MANU-SQUARE presented results to the scientific community at INCOM 2021

On June 7th, 2021, the 17th IFAC -International Federation of Automatic Control- Symposium on Information Control Problems in Manufacturing was the stage for another paper presentation from MANU-SQUARE. Under the…
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