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The MANUSQUARE project aims to create a European platform-enabled responsible ecosystem acting as a virtual marketplace, bringing available manufacturing capacity closer to production demand to achieve their optimal matching.

It fosters, on the one hand, fast and efficient creation of local and distributed value networks for innovative providers of product-services and, on the other hand, reintroduction and optimisation in the loop of unused capacity that would be wasted otherwise.

In a wider perspective the MANUSQUARE project pursues a paradigm shift that disrupts the traditional static supply chain model and establishes dynamic value networks that can be arranged on-demand to couple the needs of buyers and the availability of sellers of manufacturing capacity. In so doing, this latter becomes an easily and efficiently tradable commodity towards lowered production costs for European companies and improved manufacturing ecosystem actual productivity.


Market dynamics, in contrast to installed capacities and capabilities, are by nature in continuous change and characterized by fluctuations.
Companies’ ability to address to market opportunities is often limited by installed capacity and to their ability to pull and integrate available resources and capabilities from their ecosystem.
Investment cycles and the associated rigidity of in-house installed capacities and capabilities if, on the one hand, may impose the inability to respond to market opportunities, may well, on the other hand, render situations of unoptimized monetization of investments, via the inability to dynamically allocate unused capacities, by-products and capabilities.


MANUSQUARE Project aims to create a platform-enabled marketplace that brings available manufacturing capacity and resources, closer to production demand.
It will bring to life the tools, technologies and services, enabling the establishment of dynamic value networks, capable of being re-arranged, on-demand, to cope with the needs of both those that are seeking for specific manufacturing capacities and those who have theirs available.
To fully achieve the Manufacturing-as-a-Service paradigm, a new platform-enabled market place is required, aggregating adequate tools, services and information resources that enable the matching and establishment of business relationships between industry’s stakeholders.


The project aims, therefore, the creation of a B2B ecosystem with safe data transactions and highly traceable supply networks, that will support:

  • A sustainable matching between supply and demand of manufacturing capacity, knowledge, technologies and by-products;
  • The access to unexploited market opportunities;
  • The full exploitation of local capacities, complementarities and (unused) potential;
  • The dynamic integration of companies in new value networks;

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