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Hoffman Bicycles Gmbh is a company based out of Dusseldorf, founded in 2015 by Matt Hoffman. Hoffman Bicycles developed a revolutionary two-wheel-drive system for mountain bicycles and motorbikes that provides unequalled traction and control on challenging biking surfaces. The patented radical design is an AWD system that provides instantaneous power transfer while still providing a full steering range. Hoffman is now negotiating with several major bike manufacturers to incorporate all-wheel-drive into their bike lines.

Business challenge

Getting to this spot wasn’t all that easy. When Hoffman and his business partner, Wolfgang Petrovich, formalized the concept of their all-wheel drive mountain bike, they immediately faced major problems: neither had experience in design of mechanical parts, neither in business development. Initially, they used the Yellow Pages to locate local suppliers and companies that could support them in the development of the concept, which worked to a degree, but soon resulted a costly, time consuming and not effective procedure. After few more researches the Regional Development Agency suggested them to contact MANUSQUARE.


“We have been coached by experts in building our solutions. Starting from the refining of the idea, to the identification of the best technologies that could fit our requirements and of the proper partners for parts design and manufacturing, MANUSQUARE did all those jobs we weren’t able to do, leaving us the time to concentrate on our expertise”.

The collaboration with MANUSQUARE led Hoffman bikes to reach the first pilot production in 9 months after first contact, giving them the ability to start early cashing out thus enabling to reach a break even only after 1.5 years from company foundation. The platform was able not only to guide them through the development of their prototype product, but also to identify and contract suppliers able to transform this prototype in a scalable solution.

The above use case is a mere theoretical and dramatized example of the foreseen features of the platform.