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Intellipackaging is a polyurethane packaging company specialised in packaging protection solutions for both the consumer and industrial market. “If it’s fragile or valuable, it’ll probably be packaged in foam” says George Bertram, vice president of engineering at Intellipackaging. “Our foam protects products such as high-value machined parts, castings, assemblies, medical and electronics equipment”. Whereas now Intellipackaging market is well established, a few years ago it was not the same and the company was trying to find the picklock to open-up bigger markets.

Business challenge

“Back then” Bertram says, “we were young, with a lot of ideas, and willing to find our niche in the packaging sector. We designed a new concept of packaging machine. As we began finalizing the concept idea a number of issues revealed to be complex to manage without specific knowledge that we didn’t detain internally. We required the design and development of specific parts of our machine that we couldn’t do internally”. The company strived to find suppliers able to solve their issues: “If I sent out ten packages of components for quotes,” he says, “I might get three worthwhile responses — maybe. And this involved following up with phone calls, pestering people to get back with some numbers, etc. The process was just not working. And, on top of that, I was getting very high quotes back”.


“When I first used MANUSQUARE, quotes came streaming in — and at prices that surprised me. It was so easy to use, so intuitive. I immediately realized I was on to something that was going to be really big, something that was going to change our business for the better. Being able to linkup with quality vendors, able to follow the development of custom components from design to manufacturing, according to our requirements, enabled us to minimize the effort in finding the best solutions required by our business”.


The above use case is a mere theoretical and dramatized example of the foreseen features of the platform.