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Desia SA is a company settled near Lion, in France, manufacturing high quality mirrors for aeronautic applications. The company relies on very specific and high-end technologies required by the sector it works in. The request from a very important company interested in buying a light signal transmitter based on photonics posed Desia SA in the necessity of being able to outsource part of the product manufacturing to obtain a reliable turnkey solution. “We couldn’t say no to our customer but, on the other side, we weren’t able to fully manage product development due to the lack of key enabling technologies”.

Business challenge

The company contacted MANUSQUARE who found an highly qualified technology provider that developed the solution in conformity with Desia’s requirements. But this is not the end. The companies entering MANUSQUARE are automatically checked by the system that, through the Unified System Flow Orchestrator, verifies compatibility among processes input and outputs. “We always ask companies to enter their wastes and input materials, so we can identify possible connections generating circular economy solutions” – says Andrea Bettoni – MANUSQUARE cofounder.


Desia entered the inputs required by the self-assessing Sustainability Assessment Layer and something interesting came out. The process Desia applies to polish their mirrors generates high quality polishing sand that they cannot use two times due to quality reasons. MANU-SQUARE Unified System Flow Orchestrator identified another company Mikron SA that uses fine sand in certain applications for their machine tools. The matching was done! The two companies now have a relationship agreement that enables Desia to eliminate their sand without any cost and Mikron to buy it at a very low price.

The above use case is a mere theoretical and dramatized example of the foreseen features of the platform.