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Held last June 23rd, the MANU-SQUARE Final event was a sucess.

During the initiative the audience was able to know more about MANU-SQUARE project, its tools and underlying technological building blocks and to hear, in first hand, testimonies from companies, clusters and projects that are using and promoting , within their ecosystems, the use of MANU-SQUARE platform.

In the opening session the European Commission provided information on the funding framework that supported the project development, the expectations in terms of the exploitation of the project’s results, as well as further opportunities that will come in related European Union programmes addressing the development and exploitation of industrial platforms.

In the keynote speech, EFFRA (European Factories of the Future Research Association) presented an overview of the work being developed at European level in extending the outreach and federation of industrial platforms developed under EU programmes.

The event gathered an eclectic audience of stakeholders from the several sectors of the manufacturing industry and service sectors, from the R&D and scientific community and from the general public.