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On May 30th took place at PRODUTECH/AIMMAP facilities, the MANUSQUARE workshop, gathering members of the international consortium of the MANUSQUARE project and companies from the production technologies and metalworking industry.

The MANUSQUARE platform in development, aims the creation of a ecossystema and virtual market place that permits the dynamic establishment of value network, enabling the matching of the availability and demand of manufacturing capacities and thus rendering the optimal utilization of unused installed capacities that otherwise would remain unutilised.

The workshop had as objectives (a) to promote the informed discussion over digital platforms that aim to address to the needs of the production technologies and metalworking companies and (b) to collect contributes on expectations, needs and requirements that will enable the adequate definition of the key elements of MANUSQUARE platform, fostering its wide adoption by the industry.

For further information on MANUSQUARE please consult: