MANUSQUARE Project: Deploying tools for the access to a wider base of business opportunities and manufacturing capacities.

By 28th January 2018 News

    Starting in January 2018, the project MANUSQUARE aims at enabling the rapid and flexible establishment of supply networks enabling the monetization of unused manufacturing capacities.

    The project addresses a key industrial challenge and opportunity: to enable companies to dynamically allocate (and monetize) unused capacities, by-products and capabilities. In contrast to installed capacities, market dynamics are by nature in continuous change and characterized by fluctuations, rendering that investments are not exploited at optimal level.

    The developments in the project will aim to deploy a platform-enabled marketplace, aggregating adequate tools, services and information resources, supporting the matching and establishment of business processes between those that are seeking for specific manufacturing capacities and those who have theirs available. The solution will offer key enablers for the establishment of businesses, from offer and demand matching features, to request-for-quotation and transactions management support, reputation mechanisms in a blockchain implementation.

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