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Held at AIMMAP- Association of Metallurgical and Mechanical Engineering Industry, the 2019 edition of the Joint Initiative, gathered once again the stakeholders of the manufacturing Industry to present and discuss trends, developments and innovative solutions for manufacturing.

Having in mind the pertinence of MANUSQUARE platform and the project developments towards the reconfiguration of industrial value chains in the monetization of unused capacities and capabilities, the Joint Initiative FORUM PRODUTECH & Annual Conference PRODUTECH SIF, was an uncontested stage for the dissemination of MANUSQUARE results towards the industry and for the engagement of potential early adopters. The event gathered 80 participants from the production technologies sector and from the manufacturing industry, as well as organizations from the R&D ecosystem. In the event the project objectives, use cases and an updated roadmap for platform release was presented as well as participants were invited to apply to become an early adopter. The collected testimonies enabled a re-confirmation of project pertinence, as well as high expectations in regard to the platform launch, scheduled to February 2020.

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