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In the weekend of June 29th to July 1st, Innova, i-HUB and Holonix, from the MANUSQUARE Consortium, met representatives of the Fashion ecosystem during the brokerage event FashionMatch, held in Turin ( )

More than 200 attendees, representing fashion producers, material suppliers, designers, marketing companies and other stakeholders, from all over the world, went to Turin to look for new business opportunities and to participate in the matchmaking event. A perfect scenario to introduce the MANUSQUARE platform to them and collect feedback and manifestations of interest.

The Fashion sector is demanding support in creating agile value chains, getting in touch with technology and material providers but also stimulate creativity and do innovation with brand new ideas, generated by the contamination of fashion with other sectors. MANUSQUARE partners presented the concept underlying the platform, explaining the two main concepts of detecting and making available unused capacities and stimulating Open Innovation.

Both are relevant for the FASHION sector.

Most of producers are small and facing the increasing challenges of small lots production and customisation, which require agility but sometimes is negatively affected by unavailability of suppliers at the right time, with the right quantity.

On the other side, contamination of ideas, for new designs and new production is crucial to generate new innovations and be competitive.

About 25 attendees expressed interest in being involved in the project and know more about the platform and how to use it.