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The integration phase of the MANU-SQUARE platform has overcome its crucial stage and has been in exhaustive testing, in the past months. The current version of the platform now includes the key components necessary to cover the “Capacity Sharing” service.

Users looking for production capacity can easily access this service by creating the Request For Quotations (RFQs) completing the template specifically provided. The customers are provided with a list of matching suppliers that they can select the ones based on their needs and the reputation of the suppliers inside MANU-SQUARE ecosystem. This is possible thanks to the integration of the Reputation Mechanism, which elaborates a rank of suppliers’ behaviours based on suppliers’ ratings, transactions and activities. After shortlisting the suppliers, the customer is capable to receive from them the quotations and finally to access their production capacity. All the process is tracked through the MANU-SQUARE blockchain. The MANU-SQUARE platform is reaching its envisioned shape.

The internal test phase has been carried out to optimize its usability to make it ready for the early adopters.