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MANU-SQUARE platform was officially launched to industrial stakeholders, last Nov.25th, and is currently open to registrations for early adopters willing to take advantage of the platform to boost their businesses, supply chains and innovation processes.

Being the resulting of a European project, the MANU-SQUARE platform is an electronic marketplace and ecosystem of companies and organisations, which matches the supply and demand of production and engineering capacities, supporting the establishment of business between participant companies. The MANU-SQUARE platform currently comprises the access to 2 main services addressing industrial needs notably, CAPACITY SHARING and IDEA MANAGER service.

The CAPACITY SHARING service aims to help companies to optimize the use of installed capacities and to reach to a wider base of customers and suppliers. It supports the matching and establishment of business between those that are seeking for specific manufacturing capacities and those who have theirs available. It embodies a marketplace and a set of tools that enable a flexible establishment of supply networks, supported by an highly traceable and secure platform, and to exploit the available and the unused potential of installed capacities.

The IDEA MANAGER tool aims to support Open Innovation processes, by enabling the collaboration across organizations to foster product and process innovations and gather new ideas. The tool consolidates a community enabling the proposal, evaluation and selection of specific ideas to determined challenges. Next December 9th, at 11:00 CET, it will take place a free, hands-on, webinar to demonstrate the platform’s IDEA MANAGER SERVICE operation and benefits for adopters. Register today to this webinar:

Register today to the MANU-SQUARE platform and start benefiting from the 2 above mentioned services:
Learn more about the MANU-SQUARE project:

MANU-SQUARE project have received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreements nr. 761145.
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